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  • What does it mean to go on retreat?

    It's a time to step aside from our usual busy patterns of daily life. It offers space and time to rest, find refreshment and refocus. It can be for a day, a weekend, or longer.

    I'm not sure about silence!

    We need time to ponder, and this is best done when we're not surrounded by noise. Our spirits need quiet. Silence isn't compulsory - but at times it can help.  Expect a warm welcome into a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere!

    Do you offer spiritual accompaniment?

    Yes, we can offer Spiritual Accompaniment from one of our trained and experienced Spiritual Directors. Our conversation about your life experiences will be highly individual to you. It will, of course, remain completely confidential. Your companion may suggest ways of praying, a scripture passage, poem, or other material for you to ponder whilst you are on retreat.

    The value of a companion on the journey ...

    'Our God is greater than our own heart and mind, too easily we are tempted to make our heart's desires and our mind's speculations into the will of God. Therefore, it is helpful to have someone to accompany us ... who helps us to distinguish between the voice of God and all other voices.'

    Henri Nouwen 'Reaching Out'
  • Helpful little videos

    Here are a few helpful little videos that explain a little more about who we are, what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how you can get involved too.

    Thie Dy Vea - A quick introduction.

    Just under 4 minutes to give you a taste of what we believe God is asking of us, here at TDV.

    Why an Isle of Man retreat?

    This 6 minute video sees two of our community leaders answering this question.


    Our guest rooms have been designed to offer you maximum flexibility.
    We aim to provide a range of options, at various prices, to suit all needs and budgets.
    But you'll find we like to add a few little touches of luxury -
    some rooms even have rise/recline armchairs, and electrically-adjustable beds!

    Prices are per person per night for bed and a generous continental breakfast




    Our booking rates are for bed and breakfast.  Breakfasts are generous, buffet-style and include cereals and porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit, fruit juices, croissants or rolls, white and brown toast, a selection of jams and marmalade, and hot drinks.


    Light refreshments, lunches, suppers, packed lunches - even your favourite  takeaways -  can be provided.  All meals and refreshment breaks can be tailored to suit you, or your group - just tell us your needs  when  booking.  We can cater for all dietary requirements


    If your group wishes to hire the entire centre, we can negotiate a flat fee to cover all your needs, leaving you to allocate the rooms.
    The Lounge and The Chapel (The Apothecary) are available to all guests.

    NOTE - The kitchen is strictly a staff-only area

  • Explore



    Thie Dy Vea is surrounded by pilgrim walks,
    and places of rich historic and deep spiritual importance can be found
    not just in Peel, but all around the Isle of Man.

    And there's more ......

    The Thie Dy Vea Community have the training and experience
    to help you to be refreshed, renewed and restored - to the fullness of life!



    Discover your spiritual self whilst creating something - there'll be chances to try activities that are new to you - from cheese-making to card-making and from pottery to photography


    Thie Dy Vea welcomes people of all faiths and none - and the hospitality we offer you is tailored to your specific needs, whether you come alone, or with a group


    When we're a complete and harmonious whole, we return to the state of being physically and mentally unbroken and undamaged - help to wholeness is at the heart of Thie Dy Vea


    Thie Dy Vea is ideally placed within walking distance of some beautiful and significant spiritual sites - but the whole Island is filled with routes back into our Celtic heritage


    Solitude is the state of being alone, without being lonely. It's a positive and constructive state of engagement with oneself - and Thie Dy Vea will offer spaces to seek that solitude


    All life in Thie Dy Vea is sustained by a daily cycle of prayer led by members of the Community - our visitors are welcome to join in as much - or as little - as they wish.



    We offer you

    Twin and Double Bedrooms (some en suite)
    with loads of added little luxuries!
    Self-contained mini-flat - fully equipped for up to two guests
    Spacious Accessible Suite with bathroom, for disabled guest and carer
    Wheelchair-friendly access to ground floor of house and garden
    Internet access - Delicious breakfasts - Resident Warden
    Welcoming Meeting Spaces
    Comfortable large lounge for group gatherings
    Prayer Room - Secluded Garden

    Guided Retreats

    Don't skip over this box!

    Maybe you don't think you're a 'retreat person'

    but if you like the sound of being in a little haven of peace
    with some gentle care and space to pause, meditate,

    think, pray, or perhaps to just let your soul catch up,

    then a Guided Retreat could be perfect for you,

    for your house group, or your church friends.


    Residential Weekends

    Sometimes, one size doesn't fit all!

    Tell us what you, or your group has in mind, and we'll work with you to provide a custom-made long or short stay that meets your needs.

    We have Spiritual Accompanists available, experienced in supporting individuals or leading groups

    Our new BOOKING FORM will be available here soon - filling this in will enable us to give you a no-obligation quotation for your stay


    Quiet Times

    If you're a busy Mum, a key worker or a single Dad,
    the idea of a Quiet Time might never cross your mind!

    So, how about a morning, afternoon (or perhaps an evening)
    just for YOU .....
    It could involve food, crafts, music, walking, storytelling....
    or just doing absolutely nothing!