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    Meet the Thie Dy Vea Community

    Rev David Shirtliff

    Community Warden

    After working for twenty years as a Methodist Minister, David is excited to lead this new way of serving God - on a journey with people of all faiths and none. Other skills? DIY, oboe playing and dog walking - just not all at the same time .....

    Judy Cannan

    Community Host

    Manx-born Judy is a Spiritual Director, doing retreat work with groups and individuals for 20 years. She’s worked abroad too - from parts of the Middle East to Iona! Other skills? Works wonders with a few leaves, pebbles and scraps of fabric …

    Rev Alex Brown


    All Alex's adult life has been dedicated to helping people to know God for themselves. He uses great creativity to share his love of the Bible, and to discover new ways of being church. Other skills? Enjoying the great outdoors - and Dad jokes .....

    Dave McLean


    Cash and careful management turns dreams into realities - so Dave’s business expertise, and his work with other charities, will make sure our books always balance. Other skills? He's an ace musician - a player AND producer!

    Lizzie McLean


    Lizzie is a natural home-maker. Her gift for creating a place of nurturing has given this house its very special atmosphere. Her attention to detail is a massive asset - as is her artistic flair. Other skills? Lovely singer and makes great cakes!

    Judith Ley


    For someone who seldom stops talking, communicating our message seems to be a good fit here! Drawing on 40 years' work in marketing, Jude will make sure everyone knows everything we can offer at Thie Dy Vea! Other skills? Hmmmmm.....

  • Helpful little videos

    Here are a few helpful little videos that explain a little more about who we are, what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how you can get involved too. We are still making them, but we'll post them up here as they come into being!!

    Thie Dy Vea - A quick introduction.

    Just under 4 minutes to give you a taste of what we believe God is asking of us, here at TDV.

    Why an Isle of Man retreat?

    This 6 minute video sees two of our community leaders answering this question.

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  • Supporting us financially.

    We would love to offer retreat and space here at TDV to anyone, irrespective of their ability to pay.

    If you share our vision, and would like to support us financially, to enable practical things to happen, staff to be paid, or people to come on retreat, please consider downloading the form below, and giving regularly to help us plan God's ministry here.


    Every donation is received with huge thanks.

    A giving video

    Just a couple of minutes - this is an inspirational poem, which reminds us that giving is not just about money, and TDV is not just about one-off experiences, but about a community joining in God's vision.

  • Giving Form

    Here's our giving form.
    It is simple to fill in, and really does make a difference.
    Please consider (prayerfully) if you could give something monthly to TDV.