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Will you join us on our journey?

Welcome to our diary - our chance to share the story so far - to share our vision, our hopes and our dreams - and - if you wish - to take you with us, as we begin to make our retreat house into a reality.

At the end of our next diary entry, we'll suggest ways for you to share our journey.

We hope you'll feel inspired to choose an option that's best for you.

But maybe the time isn't right for you to start a journey - we understand that - so we'll also be adding to this site videos, links, photos and resources - armchair pilgrimages, and other things we hope you'll enjoy watching and reading - so maybe you'd like to bookmark us, and visit us virtually!

But if you're all set for an adventure, these are the ways you can join in (but it's really best if you go the next diary entry, to read the first part of the story ..... it's OK - it won't take long!)


I want to be INFORMED - I’m happy for my address (email or postal) to be on your database and to receive general information about the progress of THIE DY VEA, but without obligation to do anything.

I want to be A PRAYING PARTNER - holding THIE DY VEA in prayer, and being kept informed of particular points for prayer - including successes for which to give thanks! I’m happy for my email or postal address to be kept on your database for the purpose of receiving general news, and prayer intentions in particular.

I want to be AN ACTIVE PARTNER - make sure I know when THIE DY VEA will be available to inspect, send me details of programmes being offered - I don’t want to miss a thing - I want my email or postal address to be at the top of your list!

I’D LIKE TO BE A DONOR If this is you, we’d love to have a chat - no amount is too small (or too large!) Please get in touch with one of the team, to start a conversation SEE HOW TO CONTACT US

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