• Thie dy Vea Retreat house

    Welcome to our 'House of Life'.

    We are a Christian retreat house in the ancient cathedral city of Peel on the Isle of Man.

    We are surrounded by sea, rolling hills, and clear night skies, and held within the spiritual heritage of the Island.

    We invite you to come and be refreshed .... find peace ... and discover more of your purpose for living.

  • Retreat House Staff Team


    Our Team Leaders



    When you visit, one or more of us will be here to welcome you. This is who we are and what we do (from L to R standing)

    Rev David Shirtliff
    (Community Warden/Retreat Leader))
    Karen Garrett
    (Hospitality & Retreat Leader)
    Rev Fran Griffiths
    (Prayer Leader & Housekeeper)
    Rev Dave Griffiths
    (Prayer Leader & Facilities Management)
    Judy Cannan (seated front)
    (Retreat Leader & Resident Community Host)
  • Helpful little videos

    Here are a few helpful little videos that explain a little more about who we are, what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how you can get involved too.


    Thie Dy Vea - A quick introduction.

    Just under 4 minutes to give you a taste of what we believe God is asking of us, here at TDV.


    Why an Isle of Man retreat?

    This 6 minute video sees two of our community leaders answering this question.